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Default Craftsy Class: Can't–Miss Cupcakes: Inspired Flavors & Creative Decorating

Can't–Miss Cupcakes: Inspired Flavors & Creative Decorating
Surprise guests with the best cupcakes they have ever tasted. Join me, Trophy Cupcakes owner Jennifer Shea, for my online Craftsy class, The Perfect Cupcake, and use irresistible flavor combinations and impressive presentation to create designer cupcakes that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

In this class, you'll create flawless cupcakes in a variety of flavors, with an array of classic and exotic fillings, tasty crusts and luscious buttercreams. I'll also teach you how to make your cupcakes an eye–catching indulgence using techniques for hand–frosting, piping, sprinkle–rolling and more.

We'll start class by covering all the techniques you need for mixing your batter and baking scrumptious, perfectly portioned cupcakes. I'll show you how to add fruit for an infusion of flavor and moisture: Bake up yummy banana cupcakes, caramelize pineapple for an upside–down piña colada surprise and reduce blueberries for a treat bursting with bright flavor.

Then, make both crisp and flaky crusts to create cupcakes inspired by classic desserts. Bake a graham cracker crust for spectacular s'mores cupcakes. Make shortbread cookie crusts and pair them with luscious lemon cupcakes. You'll even create miniature pie crusts with ease, and see how to top them with fruit filling to create a cupcake–version of your favorite pie!

We'll go on to increase the "wow" factor of your cupcakes by creating delectable fillings and hiding them inside. I'll help you make a rich brown sugar caramel, a tangy lemon curd for lemon meringue cupcakes, a lavender pastry cream to fill chocolate cupcakes and more.

With these delicious cupcake foundations in place, I'll teach you the proper method for making Trophy's famous buttercream recipe, which is the perfect cloud–like consistency for decorating. I'll also show you how to make chocolate buttercream, tint your buttercream without watering it down and introduce new flavors like nutella and cinnamon sugar.

Next, I'll teach you some decorating techniques that are dazzling without being too difficult. Learn to hand–frost with an offset–spatula for super smooth results. See the tricks for rolling your cupcakes in sprinkles or even custom–colored sanding sugar. Plus, pick up techniques for piping buttercream swirls, gorgeous ruffled flowers, lovely rosettes and a multi–color piñata effect!

In our last lesson, we'll expand your horizons with more advanced cupcake techniques. Make and pipe marshmallowy meringue, and see how to lightly toast it for an even more enticing finish. Create hi–hat cupcakes by dipping lofty meringue swirls in melted chocolate coating. Make inside–out cupcakes filled with pastry cream or buttercream and dipped in velvety chocolate ganache. Finally, discover the secrets of my show–stopping lavender crème brûlée cupcakes.

Sign up for The Perfect Cupcake, and get professional tips for mixing, baking, filling and decorating incredible cupcakes * every time!

Baking and party–making have always been a passion of mine. They became my profession when I founded Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes and Party with my husband in 2007. Since starting Trophy, I've taken my cupcakes on The Martha Stewart Show, and my treats have been featured in Vanity Fair and Sunset magazines, as well as on The Food Network. Trophy now has five bustling Seattle–area locations, where I live with my family and love to make every day feel like a party!

Bake and decorate the most beautiful, delicious cupcakes anyone has ever seen or tasted!

Join us in The Perfect Cupcake for only $19.99 * that's 33% off today!

Jennifer Shea | Craftsy Instructor
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