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Default Macho macho cupcakes

Who says cupcakes have to be girly? there is apparently a "Butch Bakery" newly opened in NYC which specializes in cupcakes which are anything but:
February 12, 2010 | New York Buttercream Bromance Butch Bakery Opens for Delivery

Though the idea of pants-wearing seems as antiquated as retro baked goods, we do like a guy to take the lead sometimes.

Like David Arrick. The Wall Streeter-turned-entrepreneur came across a description of cupcakes as “pink, sweet, cute, and magical,” nearly vomited (go figure), and decided to take matters into his own burly hands.

His new venture, Butch Bakery, peddles big, boozy cupcakes with XY-approved patterns like camo, wood grain, and houndstooth. Manly flavors include rum-soaked Madagascar vanilla cake with cola Bavarian cream filling (Rum & Coke), chocolate beer cake with beer-infused buttercream and pretzels (Beer Run), and peanut butter cake with banana Bavarian cream and crumbled bacon.

The liquor-infused treats are available for delivery anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens.

And, you know: Cupcakes with beer, you’re in the clear.

Available online at
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If you're looking for more "manly" cupcake ideas, there's a Flikr pool full of 'em at
(Personally I do not discriminate in my cupcake eating!)
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