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Question How would you decorate this dragon bundt cake?

Yes, I am the Mother of Dragons! I picked up this dragon bundt cake pan for use at our next ceremonial viewing of Game of Thrones but have no idea how to decorate (or at least change the colors of) this sucker without losing all the detail. Or my mind.

You know it's not going to come out looking that nice. Frosting it with buttercream and spatula... may as well have made a regular cake. A glaze poured on it would pool around the eggs and look weird. Powdering it with sugar would look all wrong. Even the thinnest sheet of fondant is going to lose detail.

I did have one crazy idea... what if I put some glaze in a spray bottle and sprayed on a thin layer? Maybe let it dry and spray on another layer, until there's an even coating all over the dragon. Has anyone ever attempted spraying glaze like this? Any success or will I just make everything sticky?
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