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Default the end of cupcake season

as the summer season ends the first winter storm advisory was noticed today with a week full of snow and rain, windy, during the winter here in the mountains gusts of 130 mph are posted along the ridges of the mountains, rare in your worlds but not uncommon here. as the storms roll in we have a break from cupcaking relegating instead in the mindless indoor television related snacks and cookies. though some will insist to bake halloween cupcakes for school children and parties, store bought would be the norm for this time of year waiting of course untill after thanksgiving holiday for any type of home baked good or service. i have had technical difficulties so my end of the season cupcakes are absent this year, leaving you instead with a internet clipped photo of thoes crafty chinese cooks steaming cupcakes to serve along with the regular food at dim sum lunches.
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Interesting how they have almost a trefoil appearance! I wouldn't want to be the one trying to frost one though.
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