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Default Fabric Pom Pom Cupcake Toppers

from Simply Handmade Baby magazine:

FABRIC POM POM CUPCAKE TOPPERS by Paige Evans Toppers are 2 " across. Floss: DMC; Fabric: Fabric supply; Tulle: American Crafts; Pinking shears: Fiskars; Needle: Dritz; Hot glue gun: Craft supply; Other: Skewers

1. Trace sixteen to twenty 2 " circles onto the back of your chosen fabrics and cut them out with pinking shears. Cut out more circles for thicker and fuller pom poms and fewer for looser and more free flowing pom poms.
2. Fold one circle in half, fold it in half again, then pierce a threaded needle through the point of the folded circle onto thread with a knot at the end. Repeat this process with half of the fabric circles.
3. Pull the thread all the way through the circles, take the needle back through the first folded circle, and tie the thread in a tight knot to form half of a pom pom.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make the other half of the pom pom.
5. Hot glue the flat sides of the two pom pom halves to the top of a wooden skewer and tie a white tulle bow around the skewer below the pom poms.
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They look lovely !
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It sounds different ...Thanks
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