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Default Would like to know from you

Hi, our family is facing a terrible situation right now. Iím staying in Toronto and three days ago, my child had an accident in the school. He is just 5 years of age. The school management said that he was playing in the school ground. To confirm it, we asked about the incident to few of his classmates. And they also said the same. Got fractured in his left leg. We had shown him to the hospital. Doctors have told that it will take the time to bring him back to the normal stage. I remember in his age of 3 he had fallen on the floor and had some problems with the legs. So, we are afraid that this injury will cost us much. We are giving him the treatment he requires. Praying that he will be recovered soon.

One of my friends in Quebec told me to ask the school for the compensation for this incident. He told me to contact the child injury lawyer in Toronto. But, Iím not sure whether that will be beneficial. What is your opinion about this?

Waiting to know from you. I took leave for two weeks for taking care of my kid. Right now, I'm in a terrible condition.

Your guidance will surely help me in this situation.

Thanks in advance.
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