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Default How to advertise you cake shop?

I have started a pastry and cupcake store. It’s a small one. I am doing this jointly with one of my friends. When we started, we never did much promotions for our shop. But, now, we feel that it is time to advertise our shop. So, my friend cum partner suggested that we could use billboards for promoting. But, I am not really sure about this idea, because I feel that we will have to spend a lot, and it might not yield the expected results. So, I googled to know more, and I found this article,, and they are suggesting that traditional methods can be an effective medium, but, for small businesses non-traditional billboards can be more engaging, like backpack, mobile billboard , and it is cost effective too. So, I am really confused with this. I am not sure on how to convince him for this. Can anyone suggest me some way for this? How did you all advertise your small businesses?

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