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Default Flavoring Storebought Frosting

Hi, I'm new to the cupcake forums so I'm not sure this is in the right place: I've got a question, if anyone happens to have experience doing something similar. I'm making cupcakes for a bake sale but the cupcakes will not be able to be kept in a refrigerator so I can't use buttercream or dairy based icings for the frosting. One type I am making is a lemon jello cupcake with blueberry frosting. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for flavoring store-bought frosting, just a basic vanilla or cream cheese, with fruity flavors. I was thinking of using blueberry preserves/jam and then adding powdered sugar for consistency.
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Jams and jellies make for wonderful frosting flavors, but if you have enough time to prepare the best way is to make very concentrated jams and jellies to flavor your frosting, else it will probably come out runny. You could also look into flavor extracts; there's more than just vanilla extract available today! Given your time constraints, extracts (and some food coloring) are probably your best bet.
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