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Old 02-24-2013, 11:44 AM
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Default health and hygiene

Hi, im a newbie but i do have medical qualifications. Ive watched a lot of early morning cupcake shows these past few months plus a lot of youtube vids and i have concerns about cross contamination. Am i being too pedantic? Heres the list.

wearing makeup- makeup sheds, albeit in tiny amounts, it still sheds.

exposed hair/beard- again it sheds, lets hope theres no food in that beard. Fringes are made of hair too.

decorated nail extensions- nail varnish sheds, plus it covers up whatevers underneath the extension, a harbour for debris.

out of the kitchen into the street- aprons pick up all sorts of bugs, from the air and from other people, to be taken back into the kitchen?

filling icing bags- using bare hands to open the inside of the bag, might as well stick your hand in the icing.

your thoughts on this please, no offence is meant.

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Old 02-24-2013, 06:31 PM
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Thanks for bringing this up; though I hadn't even thought about most of the items on your list, I had wondered about those people you see on cupcake shows with the long nails. How do they get anything done? And God forbid a fake nail falls off into your batter; eww...

So what kinds of cupcake shows do you have in the UK? Here we have Cupcake Wars, where teams compete to make increasingly large numbers of fancy cupcakes.
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Old 02-25-2013, 11:51 AM
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yes i watch cupcake wars, also i watch DC Cupcakes, Planet Cake and Amazing wedding cakes.
As im just learning ive been watching decorating tutorials on youtube too.

My hygiene list is only what ive observed so far (on tv and on youtube) so i will probably be adding to it periodically.

I did a course on nail art/extensions a few years ago, and when it came to retouching extensions, once the varnish was removed, the underside of the false nails could be seen and it was sickening. Gunge in shades of green and brown, and these people werent even in the cookery trade. need i say more???

Just this morning i was watching DC cupcakes and altho hair coverings were being worn, the long fringes were left uncovered, almost dangling in the food ewwwkkkk A young man with very unruly, unkempt hair wore nothing to cover his hair, yet he was also involved in the cake making processes...

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Old 08-09-2013, 07:20 PM
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Hello! Nice to see people talking about the importance of hygiene and food sanitation. This is something we really should keep an eye on, especially at home, where it's just us making the decisions.

PS--I love DC Cupcakes, too! Just started watching Cupcake Wars too
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Old 12-18-2013, 12:16 AM
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I've never really thought about the fact of opening a pastry bag with your bare hands as contamination, it very well could be, however, I would hope that these chefs are washing their hands frequently and in between tasks as every chef should. I have watched Cupcake Wars, but not very often. As far as wearing your apron outside, that is completely unacceptable, you should never wear your apron or side towels outside because there are many germs that you can pick up and bring into the kitchen.
The situation with make-up, I don't know if that's considered a violation. While in the kitchen at Culinary School none of the chefs ever talked about wearing make up and no where in any educational video, not even serve safe, did it talk about make up as a contaminate. Although I do see your point.
As far as nail extensions are concerned, they are not permitted in a kitchen whatsoever, so I don't see why Cupcakes Wars would allow their contestants to wear them. They have chemicals coating them, harbor many germs getting caught underneath them, and can break off or fall off into the food they are preparing.
And lastly, exposed hair. This shouldn't be allowed in my opinion, whether it's on your face or on top of your head. Hair sheds quite frequently and you'll never notice if some of it falls into the food you are preparing. I think that a lot of kitchens vary on this topic. Some fellow students of mine here at school say that they're not allowed to have bears, while others says that they are and don't have to wear anything over them. I've seen head chefs walk freely in their kitchens without wearing a hat, and I've seen chefs that scream at you if you're not wearing a hat even if you're not preparing food. In my opinion any piece of hair that's exposed should be covered up, nothing worse than going out to eat and finding hair in your food!
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