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Default The History of Cupcakes

Infographic contributed by Princess Cupcake. Thank you!
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If you're wondering as I was what "emptins" is, it's defined as:
1. The sediment of beer, cider, etc.
2. A type of yeast obtained from the remains of the brewing process.

Not something we really have around the homestead these days! It would be interesting to have someone recreate that recipe, though.
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Hmm, perhaps Emptins is an old, unrefined type of Cream of Tartar. You get Cream of Tartar as a biproduct from making wine.. However I don't think "2 glass of cream of tartar" would be a very good idea... maybe CoT is more potent than what they had in the old days? What do you think?

I am very curious and tempted by that recipe tho. To be able to say that I've baked cupcakes the REAL way!
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