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Default reheating frozen cupcakes and muffins

as there are chocolate cupcakes and blueberry and banana nut muffins every day at the front desk i tend to keep some in the refrigerator and freezer all the time so today and yesterday were the first time i heated them on the stove in a pot i have been using for making toast. i just made these and after heating both top and bottom until crunchy i added some sugar packets and fake sugar packets to the warm pan and stirred the upside down muffins around until all the sugar was heated and stuck to the tops of the two banana nut muffins one was frozen for a month and one was in the refrigerator for a week, both turned out exceptional and hard to distinguish the difference in the storage they are stock individual wrapped breakfast muffins. picture included

i wanted a picture of a apple fritter cupcake so if anyone makes them post a picture they are cupcake baked with apple fritter on top and deep fried in oil upside down to cook the top. you might try a silicone cupcake cup like i have somewhere and drop the whole thing a a vat of hot oil. 500 degree cupcake cups with feet

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the look is unique
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