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Default The Ten Most Expensive Cupcakes

From The Daily Meal:

10 Most Expensive Cupcakes Ever
Find out what cupcakes are valued at $55,000
Every year, there are new trends in food and desserts that seem to take over by storm. For a while, it was bacon. Then red velvet. Then chocolate covered bacon. But no matter what crazy trend emerged from the minds of chefs, there have always been a few classic mainstays that never seem to stray far from the radar. Cupcakes, while definitely brought back to popularity by the ladies of Sex and the City, have always been a power player at the dessert table.
We've compiled a list of some of the most expensive cupcakes out there and have really run the gamut of price. Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in New York may seem like small potatoes next to something that is literally covered in gold. But as standard, attainable-by-everyone cupcakes go, Magnolia has a high price tag at $24 a half dozen. Meanwhile, over in England, Food Network has unveiled a fairy cake that is so expensive, it sits behind a velvet rope and has a personal body guard. When people want luxury, they aren't shy about flaunting it and going full speed. Cupcakes with outrageous toppings and pricey ingredients are no exception.
Link to slideshow: The Ten Most Expensive Cupcakes
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